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Tips for Taking Care of Your Jewelry

Posted on October 29 2016

Tips for Taking Care of Your Jewelry


Although costume jewelry and fine jewelry are crafted from different materials and have different values, many of the same rules apply to the care of both types.


  1. Know When to Remove Your Jewelry

 No matter what materials are involved, jewelry is delicate. You should always remove your jewelry when working with your hands or engaging in activities that involve chemicals or abrasives. Take off your jewelry before any of the following:

  • Swimming in water that has been treated with chlorine
  • Cleaning your home
  • Working in the garden
  • Playing sports, especially contact sports.


  1. Put Your Jewelry on Last

It's tempting to put your jewelry on as you get dressed in the morning or prepare for a night out. However, it's better to wait until you're completely ready before donning your jewels. Whether you're wearing diamonds or rhinestones, the chemicals from make-up, hair products, and perfume can damage your pieces. It's best to think of jewelry as the finishing touch for your look.


  1. Don't Wear Lotion With Jewelry

Although occasional exposure to hand and body lotion won't damage most fine jewelry, it can destroy the finish on costume pieces. In addition, build-up of lotion products can lead to more frequent cleaning of your valuable items. It's best to put lotion on your hands or body after you've taken your jewelry off at night.


  1. Store Your Pieces Separately

No matter how careful you are when wearing your jewelry, it can also sustain damage during storage. Often, this comes from pieces knocking together or getting tangled. Particularly vulnerable materials include pearls, wood, plastic, precious metals, and some gemstones. The best way to solve this problem is to store your items so they can't touch one another.


Consider some of these jewelry storage ideas:

  • Jewelry tree for necklaces and earrings
  • Separate cloth pouches for precious or vintage items
  • Jewelry armoires for all your pieces
  • Individual jewelry cases for your most valuable items
  • Tarnish-resistant jewelry bags for silver pieces


  1. Travel With a Jewelry Case

While regular storage is important, travel storage is even more essential. Tossing your jewelry in a toiletry bag or suitcase can cause a great deal of damage. You can protect your pieces by using specially designed travel jewelry cases or jewelry rolls that will keep you special items safe and tangle-free.


  1. Learn About Your Pieces Before Cleaning

Before you try to clean any of your jewelry items, it's essential that you know about the materials used in constructing your treasures. There are very different procedures for cleaning diamonds or zirconia rings and pearl jewelry, for instance. Certain types of costume jewelry should never be submerged in water, while special mild polishes can restore the shine to sterling silver necklaces.


  1. Allow Your Jewelry to Dry Thoroughly

If you clean your jewelry, it may seem sufficient to pat it dry with a chamois and then store it. However, small amounts of moisture left over from cleaning can destroy your collection. Wait at least an hour after cleaning any piece before you put it back in your jewelry box or case. This will give the moisture enough time to fully evaporate.


Maintaining Value and Beauty

Caring for you jewelry is an important part of maintaining its value and beauty. From diamond engagement rings to fashion jewelry, every items looks better and lasts longer when you know how to take great care of it. Use your judgment and take your time, and you'll keep your jewelry wardrobe looking as good as new.


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